Video Production

Video Production has definitely been my favourite subject of the Advertising course this year. It’s the subject that has influenced me the most by far. I’ve learned so many new things about filmmaking and editing that have help me improved on my own skills in such a short period of time.

One major learning aspect of the course included the various video compositions that can transform an entire film with even the slightest use. I learned that good composed photos and video should include a focal element, structure, and balance.

  • Focal element: something that the viewer is drawn to immediately. Natural focal elements include high contrast, saturation, camera focus, motion, and faces/figures. Influencers for focal elements include guiding lines, framing, and geometry.
  • Structure: have a deliberate organisation of elements. Common structure examples include rule of thirds, the golden ratio, pyramid, symmetry and full frame compositions.
  • Balance: ensuring that the visual ‘weight’ of the image is balanced. Visual weight includes size, high contrast, saturation, faces, and figures.

I’ve also learned the importance of lighting design, and the difference it can make to the final product. Lighting design can be based on the mood and colour of the shot.

Another important lesson I learned in video production would be the importance of each role in the workplace.

  • The Creative Director and Director create the storyboards and then create the director’s treatment.
  • Director hires a Producer.
  • Producer hires Director of Photography, who then hires people for other roles in the camera department. For example, the 1AC (gets equipment, makes everything operate, organises everything), the Data Wrangler (makes sure all data is there and looks after that), etc.

Other key roles include,

  • Key Grip: in charge of department, helps cameraman, helps move camera, resolves any problems in relation to cameras.
  • Editors: Taking a brief to grasp production team’s needs and specifications. Manipulating and editing film pieces in a way that the production team’s concept is showcased.

Preparing for the final assessment was a lot of work. We had to organise a talent, a make up artist, styling, music, catering, equipment, studio hire, etc. And although we each had assigned roles, we all helped each other out as one ultimate team.

It was a challenge finding a talent for our ad. We had THREE cancellations, until we finally got Olivia Cianci to be our wonderful talent / actress / dancer / choreographer.

On set of the shoot for our final assessment was a lot of fun, balanced with a lot of hard work. As an editor, I did not have much to do, so I helped out here and there. I also thought it would be a good idea to take my camera to the shoot for some fun behind the scenes videos and photos.


My job as editor for the final assessment was both exciting, and nerve-racking because of the pressure of letting the team down with the final result. But I really did enjoy putting all the clips together. It was a good opportunity for me to showcase my skills in editing, as well as my improvements due to my learnings of this subject.

A few ways the ad could have been more successful include the lighting (which was difficult to work with due to some of our reliance being on the sunlight), smoother cuts to the different outfits (only a few of the cuts though), the music towards to end (could have been looped a little smoother), and a voiceover for the tagline / a stronger tagline (more effective to the audience).

I am extremely happy with the finished product, and I hope the rest of the team is too.


The branding of a business or person says a lot about them, which is why branding is extremely important in advertising. There are 11 main brand elements to a successful branding. These include the brand name, logo, tagline/slogan, font, graphics, shapes, colours, sounds, scents, tastes, and movements associated with a business.


A brand name should suggest product attributes, be easy to recognise/say, be distinctive, be adaptable, and should be legally registrable. The brand name, Amplify, is an example of a good brand name. Amplify was founded to expand and promote online entertainment, as well as to elaborate on news around the world in which teenagers online can relate to and be educated by through the inter-webs and social media. Therefore, the brand name suggests attributes on said brand, while also being distinctive and legally registrable.

~ Amplify’s trailer for their first ever tour. ~

~ Amplify’s trailer for their second tour.~

A tagline or slogan is also a significant branding strategy. Elements of a good slogan should sum up the product’s benefits and be easily remembered, as well as being brief, concise and succinct. Amplify’s tagline is “The entertainment hub for the connected generation.” This is a great tagline as it is concise, while also summing up the brand.


Discover. Enquire. Engage.

The target audience can be described as a specific group of people for a brand to focus their promotion towards, thus engaging in a strong relationship. The target audience provides brands with a thorough understanding of those who are allegedly most likely to purchase their products. An analysis of the target market gives brands an insight on who shares its values, as well as who is open to a connection.


The main concept of a target audience plays an extremely important role in the advertising community, particularly in a social media managing role. Knowing the target audience of the brand is what leads to an increase in followers and supporters, therefore, engaging with the target market and posting relatable content would lead to further growth and success towards the brand. This is something I aim to achieve in my proposed profession of managing a brand’s social media pages.

One brand who, I feel, engages their target audience very well would be Marquee Studios with their Amplify brand. Amplify is an online entertainment hub for teenagers to get the latest news on their favourite online sensations, as well as other important news around the world. Amplify’s brand engages their target audience of teenagers and young adults through their use of memes, gifs, and puns, thus making the news more interesting and humorous for the target market to enjoy. As an active follower/consumer of Amplify, I feel that they successfully achieve their goal to engage in a relationship with their target audience.


Bloggers are the New Celebrities.

There’s no doubt that bloggers and vloggers are today’s celebrities. There are so many online personalities who we all look up to when we’re feeling down or unmotivated. YouTube personalities have become very successful in growing their audiences and inspiring young people to be the best version of themselves that they can be. The majority of the YouTubers’ audience consist of youth who feel alone, “different”, or are simply looking for new forms of entertainment. Internet personalities inspire and encourage their audience to stand up for themselves and express the things they are most passionate about. For example, LGBTQA+ rights, women’s rights, gender roles, mental health, etc.

One major success is Troye Sivan Mellet (known as Troye Sivan – his YouTube channel name). It’s absolutely insane to see how successful he has become since his start on YouTube in late 2007. Troye Sivan is from Perth, Australia and began making YouTube videos when he was just thirteen years old by posting covers of his favourite songs.

~ Troye Sivan’s first ever YouTube video ~

In 2012, Troye uploaded his first video blog introducing himself to his many subscribers, and from then on, his audience grew and grew.

~ Troye Sivan’s first video blog – His introduction to the world ~

YouTube has become such a huge medium/source of entertainment for youth in the last few years with so many of your average day people vlogging (video blogging) about their typical lives, getting millions of views, and leading to amazing things such as tours, books, music, clothing lines, beauty lines, TV segments, etc.

Advertising in YouTube has increased since the peak of the YouTube community, with sponsorships/paid advertorials, preroll ads, banner ads within videos, etc.


It’s amazing how effective the internet has become, and seeing these online personalities grow and succeed in something they enjoy doing. Since Troye Sivan’s release of his album, Blue Neighbourhood (announced via YouTube), he has performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (twice), The Late Late Show with James Corden and the Ellen Degeneres Show (twice), simply through the support of his loyal YouTube subscribers buying and promoting his album. Troye Sivan’s album also went platinum in Australia, as well as three of his singles, ‘Youth’ being one of them (which also went platinum in the US). Sivan has received many music/YouTube awards. He is also nominated for 7 ARIA awards this year.

~ One of Troye Sivan’s most recent video blogs – The Whole Story ~

Online personalities, such as bloggers and vloggers, are the newest celebrities today, with millions of followers across all platforms, while being themselves and sharing what they’re passionate about, thus showing today’s youth that it’s okay to be different; its okay to stand out; it’s okay to be you.

Lights. Music. Ideas.

Vivid Sydney, 2016.

Vivid is, without a doubt, one of my favourite events in Sydney. An incredible post-modern art form bringing a diversity of people together.

After years of success, Vivid 2016 was bigger and better, showing new instalments (Be The Light For The Wild), organising amazing events (The Heaps Gay Festival), and working with a variety of different locations, including the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay, and Darling Harbour, as well as, Taronga Zoo, Marrickville, Chatswood, and many more.

My favourite instalment would have to be The Matter of Painting located at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). This instalment was created by artists Huseyin Sami (Australia), Danny Rose (Sergio Carrubba (France), Paola Ciucci (France), Lucia Frigola (France), Cédric Péri (France), Emanuele De Raymondi (Italy), Jacopo Carreras (Italy). These wonderful artists transformed MCA into a large canvas on which they displayed the vitality of an artist’s creative process. An illusion is created by the artists that the cloak is actually being carved, painted, cut and brushed.


Vivid was advertised through an app, online, through televised news segments, and outdoor areas all around the main locations of the light show, reaching a diversity of people, thus bringing everyone together for this wonderful experience.

~ A video I shot and edited for a friend’s YouTube channel.~

Pokémon GO!

Pokémon GO. The new app that’s taken over the world.

When the original Pokémon games were released on Gameboy and as trading cards in 1996, everyone fell in love, leading to a Pokémon series. And you know what they say — once a Pokémon trainer, always a Pokémon trainer.

With the release of Pokémon GO, the franchise has reached an extensive number of users — beyond the loyal Pokémon fans from the late ’90s. I think the idea of being able to ‘catch’ Pokémon in the ‘real world’ is genius. It gets people out of the house, it’s a fun thing to do with friends when you’ve got no ideas, and it’s cool to play as a passenger on a long drive.

The reach of Pokémon GO literally did ‘break the internet’ with so many people playing at once that the servers had crashed multiple time before the first improved update. It’s crazy how technology is taking over more and more aspects of our lives.

Will you be playing Pokémon GO?



On Saturday, it was my first time voting, and even after all the ads I had seen on TV and online, I still had no idea how to vote, or who to vote for. Perhaps the ads lacked IMPACT.


Impact is the most important part of advertising to achieve the client’s mission and get their message across to their audience. Focusing on impact in ads will assist the client to be as successful as possible, because impact on the target audience leads to further research into the product, and brand being advertised.

Impact-based ads are created to have a lasting psychological effect on the target audience so that they will remember the product or brand being advertised. This type of advertising helps produce the greatest results for the client.